divendres, 27 de juliol del 2012

Hem arribat fins aquí...

Aquest és ja el que fa tres i sembla que ja no és tant barda amunt, però és cert que ens ha costat arribar fins aquí. Potser no és perquè el camí hagi estat massa pedregós, perquè una mica sí ho ha set (tot hi ha que dir-ho), però provablement ho hem vist una mica costós pel consum energètic que això ens ha comportat i el transcurs dels anys sense veure un fruit general.

Està clar que hem estret beneficis de tot aquest procés, però els que ja portem cinc anys estudiant (dos anys de Grau Superior d’Educació Infantil més els tres anys de Grau d’Educació Infantil) sembla que se’ns hagi fet molt llarg el camí.

No obstant, jo estic molt contenta del meu camí fins aquí. Doncs, encara que de vegades haguem tingut que superar esquerdes estic segura que el que encara em queda serà millor.

Encara que el camí tingui esquerdes, arribarem fins al final.

divendres, 25 de maig del 2012

Email and essay.

Write an email:
Dear Alicia,

Thanks so much for your last letter. I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to reply, but I’ve been so busy studying for my university exams.

Congratulations on your new project. I’m sure that everything will be ok. If you need anything, you only have to ask.

By the way, I’ve got so much to tell you. This year is my third year at collage and it’s been really good because I haven’t been doing so many subjects. It’s for this reason that I’ve had a lot of time to think about what I want to do in the future. And, at the end, I decided that when I finish my degree, next year, I’m going to do another one, called Social Education.

I must stop now or I won’t have enough time to prepare for my English exams.

Keep in touch,

Write an essay:
Nowadays new technologies are used a lot for nearly all jobs and this also happens in education. It's for this reason that we are asking if ICT improves students’ language learning.

On one hand, I think that if teachers use new technologies to introduce a foreign language, children will probably be more involved in their own learning process. These types of tools are more dynamic than the traditional methodologies.

But on the other hand, if children spend too much time in front of computer screens, it cannot be a healthy activity, especially for very young pupils.

To conclude, in my opinion, this balance is more positive than negative, because if the teacher uses new technologies in the correct way, he or she will be able to solve the negative aspects. Therefore, the learning process of the children will be more significant.

dimecres, 2 de maig del 2012

Writing 2.

Education is an important process as I am going to explain here. Or don’t you think the same?

I think education is a process because people learn from all things, with bad and good things. You can learn about an experience in the street, by reading a book or watching a film, ... That is to say, people, specially children, don’t only learn at school, with formal education.

And it is for this reason that the role of adults, who are the guides of the development process of children, is so important. Because their work is to show children the tools to be a critical person, to have arguments to choose the most useful things, in their context, for their progress. Or isn’t it the goal of education?

dimarts, 20 de març del 2012

Writing 1.

My name is Cira and I was born twenty-three years ago on a magic island, Ibiza. I went to a nursery school in Santa Eulalai for two years. Later, I went to San Ciriaco School between the ages of three and twelve.

During this time I did a lot of extracurricular activities, like: judo, playing the guitar, learning Englisch and swimming at a swimming club. Maybe it is for this reason that, nowadays, I'm not doing any sports. But it also could be because now I'm studying at Universtiy and working at the same time. So I haven't got time.

However, I know it isn't an excuse for not doing any sports. So I think that the mind needs to relax, I’ve decided I’m going for a walk, once or twice a week.

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dimarts, 14 de febrer del 2012

dissabte, 11 de febrer del 2012

El material Montessori com a projecte d'investigació

Després de treballar els projectes a classe a l'assignatura d'Estratègies d'Intervenció a la Primera Infància II com a eina per emprar amb els infants, ens proposaren fer-ne un a nosaltres, segons els nostres interessos. Vàrem escollir el Material Montessori!

Materials Montessori Mestra Eivissa Amanda-Alicia-Cira

I aquí teniu un resum del què vàrem mostrar als companys.

Esperem que vos agradi,

Una abraçada.

El Far de la Coniller, un recurs educatiu

Per a l'assignatura de Coneixement del Medi Natural i la seva Didàctica. En aquest projecte hem volgut cercar prou informació objectiva per demostrar que els recursos que disposem aquí, a les nostres illes, són vàlids com a eines educatives.

Esperem que vos agradi,
Una salutació cordial. El Far de La Conillera