dimarts, 20 de març de 2012

Writing 1.

My name is Cira and I was born twenty-three years ago on a magic island, Ibiza. I went to a nursery school in Santa Eulalai for two years. Later, I went to San Ciriaco School between the ages of three and twelve.

During this time I did a lot of extracurricular activities, like: judo, playing the guitar, learning Englisch and swimming at a swimming club. Maybe it is for this reason that, nowadays, I'm not doing any sports. But it also could be because now I'm studying at Universtiy and working at the same time. So I haven't got time.

However, I know it isn't an excuse for not doing any sports. So I think that the mind needs to relax, I’ve decided I’m going for a walk, once or twice a week.

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